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Having used astrology as a guidance system myself, Debbie's work took me deeper into the planets and their influence on my life than any other astrologer. Her wide ranging knowledge and many years of experience in the field of astrology, plus her sure footed guidance through the influence of the planets was remarkably helpful in providing a map of the inner landscape and a clear sense of their influence. I can truly say that Debbie's work changed my relationship with astrology and proved to be liberating in clearing the way for sure-footed, forward movement.

~Margaret O’Connor, LSCW , Ireland

Deborah is an experienced, compassionate, and innovative astrologer and hypnotist. Her unique integration of modalities, and depth of knowledge of the field, qualifies her to truly be the Planet Whisperer™.

I have known Deborah as a colleague for seven years, and have been a Liberation Astrology™ client for over two years. Unlike my previous experience with traditional astrologists and hypnotherapists, each customized session with Deborah has led to remarkable insights and positive, sustainable life changes for me. I often return to Deborah at times of life transitions: birthdays and Solstices, to assist me with a reading of the current astrological weather as well.

For every one of our sessions, Deborah has researched planetary developments, and interviewed me to uncover goals for our work together. Her compassionate and clear guidance made the experience of Talking to the Planets™ one of the most transformation awakenings I have had---empowering, meaningful, and relaxing simultaneously.

~Lisa Enzer, Living Room Yoga, Montague, MA (2009)

I have never understood astrology. It’s like it’s a whole other language. And every time I have had an astrologer read my chart I have come away scratching my head wondering ‘what on EARTH was s/he TALKING about?” Words like ‘squared’ and ‘trine’ and ‘transiting’ just sounded like baffle-gab. That is, until I met the Planet Whisperer, Deb Yaffee.

WHAT a refreshing break from the Land of Astrolo-Greek! Deb spoke ENGLISH! She spoke DIRECTLY to my issue of concern. AND she gave me clear and timely ANSWERS. Answers I could use to formulate a new direction for my life and career.

Believe me, I have had my fair share of ‘readings’ over the years. This was more. Deb incorporates her many talents - Tarot and essential oils and hypnosis and her own special ‘spice’ - to create an extraordinary JOURNEY through which I could actually EXPERIENCE these planetary influences. And in a very real way.

It has been a few years since I talked, or more importantly, LISTENED to these planetary influences in my life. I will definitely be signing up to do it again soon!

~Wendie Webber, Mind Design Hypnosis, Nanaimo, BC, CANADA

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