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Please Read this FIRST (Important Q&A)

Question: With all the unique services you seem to offer, what's the easiest way to get started?

Answer: The first 4 boxes (right below here) describe the 4 services we offer that

to get the most out of your Astrological journey!

Personal Reading about an issue you wish to address ("What's on Your Mind"). You'll receive in-depth Astrological and Spiritual Counsel from Deborah Elijah, "The Planet Whisperer(R)," relating to your issue.
1 hour = $90

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or email

"How to be Lucky" Reading with a Certified Planet Whisperer(R) on our team. You will receive a printed analysis of all of the Planetary Luck Factors in your birthchart. You'll also receive detailed guidance about how to activate your Luck Factors to attract the most good fortune into your life in the areas most important to you (i.e., health, vocation, partnership, money, etc.). Included is an analysis of the vibratory character of your name with suggestions about alternate spellings to attract more harmonious influences into your life.


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Email Consultation about an issue you wish to address ("What's on Your Mind"). You'll receive in-depth email conversation of Astrological and Spiritual Counsel from Deborah Elijah, "The Planet Whisperer(R)," relating to your issue.

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Liberation Astrology "Life Transformation Launch"

This personalized service either in person or by telephone provides you with an interpretation of the critical factors in Your Birthchart.

Deborah will review your "Astrodynes" and discuss the meaning in your life of:

  • Your Most Powerful Planet, Sign, House, and Aspect
  • Your Most Harmonious Planet, Sign, House and Aspect
  • Your Most Discordant Planet, Sign, House and Aspect

You'll learn how to maximize your astrological strengths, transform limiting beliefs, and strengthen the areas of planetary weakness. You'll be advised of the precise Alchemical Planetary Antidotes to help neutralize and transform discordant planetary energies. Unique Tarot Insights will be offered to give you a deeper understanding of these as well. Specific information will be outlined regarding stones, colors, numbers, herbs, music, activities and affirmations to support you in your Journey.

Your package includes your Birth Chart Horoscope Wheel, your Astrodyne calculations, and pertinent Tarot images for contemplation.


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Other Professional Services


Astro-Hypnosis: "Talking to the Planets TM"
This is The Planet Whisperer’s signature technique!

Using methods of Classical Hypnotherapy and Advanced 5 Path® Hypnosis, you are brought into direct conversation with the "Planetary Personalities" of your own inner landscape. Deborah will guide you to discover what your "Planets" need from you in order to best serve you in achieving your goals, as well as what advice your "Planets" are wanting you  to receive from them.   Talking to the Planets™ will help you to heal subconscious limiting beliefs so that you can truly activate the Law of POSITIVE Attraction in your life.

Service includes The Hermetic Calculations package.    

More info...

This service is only available at our Deerfield, MA office at this time

First Session
(90 minute)

Follow-up Sessions
(60 minutes)

Visit with
all 10 of your
"Planetary Personalities"
5 session package
(save $225)

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@ 413-625-2800
or email

"Zodiac Point"

The birth chart reveals the karmic patterns you came into this life with. Zodiac Point is designed to help you cleanse and purify those negative karmas that are blocking you from enjoying a life of happiness, service and success.

Deborah combines astrological insights with the gentle yet profound energy technique of Zpoint Process to assist you in releasing the stresses and other negative impacts of past planetary discord and trauma indicated by the Birth Chart. People report feeling very peaceful and clear about their life purpose after a Zodiac Point session.

Gentle, profound, powerful….this is one of The Planet Whisperer’s™ favorite techniques!

Service includes The Hermetic Calculations Package. These are 60 minute sessions by telephone.

More info ...


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or email


Astro -Tap: EFT "Tapping on the Planets"

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a safe, easy, rapid method of neutralizing the uncomfortable feelings we experience in response to certain thoughts, situations and memories. Because the technique involves using two fingers to tap on particular acupressure points, it is often referred to simply as “Tapping”.

Deborah uses EFT in conjunction with your Birth Chart and Astrodynes in a very enjoyable, unique way to “tap on your planets” and assist you in neutralizing negative feelings, transform self-defeating thought patterns and create positive habits by taking into account Alchemical Planetary Antidotes and your personal Planetary Weather Map (Astrological Progressions).

After an Astro-EFT session, people generally find that they feel calm, clear, grounded and happy to simply be in the moment without attaching to the past or to the future. 

Service includes The Hermetic Calculations package. Sessions (in our office or by telephone) are 60 minutes.

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@ 413-625-2800
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Astro-Reiki (in our office or by absent treatment)  
The Planet Whisperer's Exclusive Astrological Reiki Treatments - Combining the Power of YOUR Planets with the Healing Energy of Reiki

Your Astro-Reiki Session will include:

[ A copy of Your Natal Horoscope (Birth Chart).

[ A Personalized Power & Harmony Chart for each planet, sign and house in your horoscope

[ A Personalized Soul Map that reveals the relationship of your cosmic anatomy to your physical body.

[ Special Astrological Thought-Cell Treatment to soothe soul discord and attract fortune and harmony.

[ A 30 minute (pre-session) astrological intake interview by telephone.

[ A 60 minute healing session (in our office or by telephone) that includes traditional Reiki PLUS healing energyies delivered to specific areas of astrological discord while strengthening areas of astrological harmony.

More info

1st session $140

Follow-up sessions $75

Follow-up sessions $50

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The Planet Whisperer's Platinum Package

This is Deborah Elijah’s full service Astro-Coaching package. Combines the Hermetic Interpretation Package customized with whatever other of the Planet Whisperer’s ™ healing modalities is appropriate at the time of your session. Before your session, Deborah will spend time in meditation on your Birth Chart with a Tarot overlay in order to use both the Golden Key of Astrology and the Silver Key of Hermetic Tarot together to provide deeper spiritual insights specific to your path as indicated by your Birth Chart.
(Talking to the Planets and Hypnosis work is only available in our office. Astro-EFT:Tapping on the Planets and/or Zodiac Point will be used if you are opting for this package via telephone session).
Your concerns will be discussed within the context of your personal Astrological Weather Patterns (Major Progressions).

You will receive your Hermetic Calculations Package, Major Progressions calculations, a complementary Astrological Report of your choice, Tarot images for contemplation (corresponding to the most powerful and harmonious elements in your Birth Chart) along with the list of environmental factors to enhance your best energies. Allow 2 hours for this session.

Opening Session

Follow-Up Sessions

(in office or by phone)

Package of 5
(in office or by phone)
(save $76)

Call Now for Appointment
@ 413-625-2800
or email


Telephone Consultations

For follow-up counseling after your Planet Whisperer Platinum Package, Hermetic Interpretation Package, Talking to the Planetssession, Tapping on the Planets™ session, or Zodiac Point™ session.

$104 / hour

$57/30 min.

Call Now for Appointment
@ 413-625-2800
or email


Spiritually-Based 7th Path Self-Hypnosis for Mind-Body-Spirit Transformation

The 7th Path Self Hypnosis® system is a new method of self improvement which utilizes the combined power and effectiveness of self hypnosis, meditation and prayer. It is an Insight-based program which was developed in the real context of how hypnotherapy clients make lasting life changes. The 7thPath ® program partners you with your own personal Source of Spiritual Sustenance to support you throughout the process. You will be receiving and then delivering up to 9 specific spiritual affirmations, called Recognitions (R 1 - R 9), to yourself to effect powerful changes in your subconscious mind.

The 7th Path® program is spiritually based and is an excellent support for any faith based prayer or meditation practice you have already established. With 7th Path® , you are working directly with your Spiritual Source, your own Ultimate Therapist.

7th Path Self Hypnosis® is a powerful way to release the negative karma of planetary discord in your horoscope, past or present, and propel you into the positive future that you desire! It does this by enabling you to release negative programming and then create the healthy new habits you want. In this sense, 7th Path® is like an anti-virus software for the mind.

7th Path® is taught to you in two sets of Recognitions that comprise a complete practice within themselves. The first set of 5 Recognitions in
7th Path® will help you to clear obstacles and achieve your personal goals as they affect you as an individual. The second set of 4 Recognitions are designed to bring you in full alignment with your Life Purpose in service to Universal Welfare as it affects others.

Your 7th Path® program comes with a special workbook and practice CD.

Sessions are 90 minutes.

More info

5 Private Sessions
Recognitions 1-5

3 Private Sessions
Recognitions 6-9

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