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Hermetic Calculations Package

This is a package of your Natal Birth Chart calculations
and your Horoscope Wheel complete with "Astrodynes" and one year's Major Progressions.
Astrodynes are precise calculations that allow you to accurately determine the most important energies in your chart. This report will give you the exact Power, Harmony and Discord of every Planet, Sign, House and Aspect in your Chart.

This will be e-mailed to you and does not include an Interpretation.

Astrological Reports

Printed Interpretations that will be
E-mailed to you. While these reports do not provide the intricate interpretation of a personal professional reading, they do offer interesting and useful insights for personal contemplation:
Your Personal Path
A detailed Printed Interpretation of your Natal Horoscope
including Planets in the Signs and Houses and Aspect Delineations.

A detailed Printed Interpretation of Romantic or other Relationship Compatability Factors.

Your Solar Return
A detailed Printed Interpretation.
Every year, near your birthday, the Sun returns to the same spot it occupied at the moment you were born. This is called your Solar Return. A chart is calculated for this moment and a detailed reading is given for your personal year ahead to your next birthday.

Lifetrends Transits
A detailed Printed Interpretation
of the current Transiting Planets and their Aspects to your Natal Chart.

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