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Free Your New Age Clients
from the Negative Hypnotic Imprinting
created by Ignorant Astrologers!

a 1 hour Seminar by
Deborah Elijah, The Planet Whisperer
on Sunday, August 11th @ 10 A.M.
The Royal Crown Plaza Hotel
Marlborough, MA


  • Participants will receive a hypnosis script designed to help their clients release fear and limiting, superstitious beliefs that were generated during a typical astrological reading.
  • Participants will learn what the astrological birth chart actually represents (i.e., map of the unconscious mind at birth).
  • Participants will learn that each “planet” in a horoscope represents a psychological drive, urge or desire energy that can be supported or transformed using traditional methods of hypnosis
  • Participants will learn what the primary myths of astrology are and how to dispel them
  • Participants will learn how to clear and replace negative suggestions that their clients may have received from astrologers with positive suggestions for a self-determined future
  • Participants will be able to list the two main techniques used in alchemical hypno-astrology
  • Participants will learn how the TFAR (Thoughts - Feelings - Actions - Results) hypnosis model for behavior is used with the client’s horoscope
  • Participants will be introduced to the 5 major ways that their clients to “rule their stars” instead of being controlled by limiting beliefs and superstition
  • Participants will be learn the relative importance of the various internal and external factors that influence thoughts and behavior

    Info: 413-625-2800
Take a look below at some of these popular past classes that you can schedule
for your School or Healing Center
by calling Deborah at 413-625-2800

Power-Up Your Reiki Healing
with Spiritual Self-Hypnosis
with Deborah Yaffee,
Certified Reiki Master Teacher
National Guild of Hypnotists Certified Instructor
for all Reiki levels
5 Thursdays 6 - 9 PM
May 10, 17, 24, 31 and June 7th
at HeartSound BodyWork
32 Industrial Drive East, Northampton, MA
Fee: $125

Enhance your Reiki practice for self-healing and for healing others with a unique method of spiritually based Meditative Self-Hypnosis. Use this “antivirus software of the mind” for stress management, motivation, self-esteem, overcoming unwanted habits, relationship problems and more!

This special technique will greatly assist your practice of the Reiki precepts!

Tuition includes course-book, practice CD and access to online community of practitioners.
You may pre-pay for the 5 session series through PayPal or take the first class
FREE OF CHARGE to try it out as long as you are pre-registered by May 4th.
Space is limited - Please register by May 4th.

Fee: $125 - register with PayPal here:
or register for a FREE first class here by May 4th:

Coming Soon... Schedule to be announced!

Medicine Buddha Reiki
Pre-requisite: Reiki 2

The Medicine Buddha is called The King of Healing and his dedication is to release all beings from the sufferings of body and mind. You do not have to be a Buddhist to receive and practice the teachings and mantra of the Medicine Buddha.

Your instructor is a long time student of Tibetan Buddhism.

Course Outline:

  • Reiki and Buddhism
  • What is Medicine Buddha Reiki
  • Who is the Medicine Buddha
  • The 12 Great Aspirations of the Medicine Buddha
  • The Power of the Medicine Buddha, King of Healing
  • Benefits of Recollecting and Reciting the Name of the Medicine Buddha
  • Medicine Buddha Mantra and Symbols
  • Medicine Buddha Sadhana (practice text)
  • How to Activate Medicine Buddha Energy
  • Medicine Buddha Healing Meditation

You will receive:

  • A mala (Buddhist rosary beads) as a support for recitation of the mantra
  • Special statue of the Medicine Buddha
  • Rare blessed healing water of
  • Medicine Buddha Reiki notebook
  • Certificate of Completion

Space is limited. Please register by April 20th.

Fee: $108. Register here with PayPal:

Questions? Call 413-834-3407

June Events

With Deborah Elijah, The Planet Whisperer®

6 Thursday evenings June 28, July 5, 12, 19, 26, August 2
7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
at Northampton Healing Arts
39 Main Street, 3rd floor Northampton, MA

You will learn about the Egyptian, or Sacred Tarot as it has come down through the ages via the lineage of the Brotherhood of Luxor.

Topics covered in this course:

  • The history of the Egyptian Tarot
  • The four distinct functions of the Sacred Tarot
  • The architecture of the 78 cards of the Tarot
  • The correspondences of the Tarot (numbers, gems, colors,etc)
  • The Journey of the Soul (The Hero’s Journey
  • How to perform basic card readings

Course fee: $72 (plus $18 for cards)

Space is limited. Register by June 20th

Register Now with PayPal: $90 for 6 classes plus Egyptian Tarot Deck

"The Sacred Tarot" by C.C. Zain is highly recommended as a reference for the Tarot Course.
It is available for purchase on our Books Page.

Questions? Call 413-625-2800 or email

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